Category: "Vegetables"

Compost heap, get one!

by Value hunter  

Compost heaps are essential for your garden, whether that's a no-dig garden or a regular garden, the benefits are enormous! I have two compost heaps, one a frame I built out of an old cot, with a piece of old carpet on the top, kept in the front garden... more »

Two essentials for your garden...

by Value hunter  

Two essential questions to ask yourself when starting or taking on a garden... more »

Comfrey cuttings to plants

by Value hunter  

Comfrey cuttings into plants must be one of the easiest ways to feed your garden. Dig out root, break into 2 inch pieces, plant horizontally, cover with compost, water well and leave it alone! more »

No dig gardening update...

by Value hunter  

No dig gardening update... more »

No dig progress

by Value hunter  

Three weeks of progress on my no dig gardening experiment... more »

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