Environment experiment.

by Value hunter  

I've heard so much about "Climate change" recently and with the upcoming conference, probably will, a lot more yet!

I'm seeing it in sprog2's homework, it's on all the social media feeds, the news and where I work, etc.
I'm also seeing it in my household bills. £130 increase in electricity and £80 a year extra on the gas bill. Petrol is also on the up.

Now I'm not really interested in "Climate" at all.
I don't see how a single household can affect the Earth spinning on it's axis, sunspots from our nearest star and the Earth moving poles. But many do, each to their own.
Climate has and will always change. It's more about adapting to those changes, whether you believe the changes are mostly natural or not.
Where I have long been concerned, is in the area of waste!

I have a low paid job, refuse to fork out over the top prices for things, don't believe in fashion items (this is probably an age thing).
I recycle more than most. I recycle around the house, I recycle food waste (there's not much) I use our log burner more than central heating where ever possible, I recycle old appliances when I can get away with it.
The driving factor for stingy old me and my poor family, is the need to keep costs down as much as possible.

The reason I started this website years ago, was to reference what I could do to reduce my outgoings. I didn't change things from day one, all changes are gradual. Small changes, going without the latest phone, eating home cooked food, keeping waste and energy use down as much as is physically possible. Reducing my family's costs.

Anyway I've strayed off the theme a bit.

So I was thinking.
Following on from using food and garden waste in my compost and around my plants (fruit & veg), what about my plastic?

Well all this goes into landfill, there probably can be something done about it, even old stingy careful me has plastic in their waste, but the odds of my household plastic waste going into landfill are pretty nailed on I'd guess.

So I started a small experiment.
I took a large cardboard box, put in all the old paperwork as per, threw in teabag outers (over 400 a month from my composting experiment), all the crisp packets, outer wrappers, inserts, milk tubs and lids and various old clothing that's full of holes and not even good for scraps, etc. You get the picture.

I saved up three weeks worth, I have to say, there was a lot!
Even as careful and buying fresh as we do, even old meat went into a tub at the bottom of the fridge, the amount of rubbish was huge!
So, alongside the logs, into the burner it all went over three days, even the old out of date meat and waste fat.
The result?
About a fifth of a black bin liner of ash.
Straight on to the compost heap!
Amount of waste going into the general waste wheelie bin?
Almost nothing!
Our general waste bin wasn't even half full after two weeks.

Reduced the landfill - reduced our contribution to gas leaving the landfill - reduced our waste further (improving our compost heap in the process) - heated the home without using gas (saved on bills).
Happy days!

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