One pack of tea bags waste

by Value hunter  

Using just one single 240 bag of teabags, I recycled them in my compost heap.
Over two weeks, I've used the teabags to make brews, left them on a tray to dry out a bit (usually a couple of days), then ripped them open and tipped the internal contents into the empty packet (re-sealed).

Then I've put the empty teabag "rappers" into a paper towel and burnt them along with wood on the log burner.

The sheer weight of the used tea is staggering, all spread on the compost.
Why burn the teabag outer wrappers?
This is because most teabag wrappings/outside, contain plastic.
If you put used teabags on your compost heap, they go mouldy and take ages to break down.
If you burn them (along with wood) then the ash can be put on the compost heap also.

Loose tea (so to speak) breaks down much quicker, the ash also helps and the empty packet that you can reseal can be used as a mini compost collector in the kitchen, time and time again.

Total waste = nil, nothing, zilch, nowt.

Ash of bags and loose tea = great.

I wondered then, as I noticed the sheer weight of loose tea and we use two packs per month, this is 24 packs of teabags per year, that enriches my compost heap and doesn't go into landfill.
Better compost for my garden next year, better for the environment, heat from burning, which breaks down the plastics in the wrappers.

Now imagine how many households use teabags every week, month and year?
That's some saving of landfill on one product line!

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