Prawn sauce - a thrifty alternative

Posted at 03:09:50 pm
I was given this tip, back in the mid 1980's when I used to visit a shop called Bruccianis, in good old Barrow-in-Furness, who made the best sandwiches in the world! Prawns on their own are dry, don't taste of much, etc. Instead of wasting your money… more »

Victoria sponge won't rise

Posted at 12:37:05 am
I've spent the day battling with the age old problem of my victoria sponges not rising. Using the correct ingredients, I have now tried to make the sponge with a hand whisk and metal spoon, a food processor, an electric whisk and a combination of all of… more »

Deep fat fryer problems

Posted at 01:28:33 am
I am having real trouble finding any useage for a deep fat fryer we were given as a gift. I have tried chips, regardless of temperature, they are done on the outside but raw in the middle. Tonight I tried doughnuts, which cooked in 6 minutes, but held… more »

Weighing scales

Posted at 01:45:22 am
Weighing scales
Traditional weighing scales for the kitchen
I have been looking out for some weighing scales, for a long time now. I have had some digital weighing scales that were ok I suppose, they took any size of container, but kept switching themselves off, leaving me with the job of keep setting them back… more »


Posted at 01:40:20 am
Good pastry: keep it as cold as possible rule of thumb - Half fat to flour when adding in water to bind, make it ice cold (run the tap for a good 5 minutes) too sticky? add a little more flour - to dry? add a little more water people often make the… more »
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