Prawn sauce - a thrifty alternative

Posted at 03:09:50 pm
I was given this tip, back in the mid 1980's when I used to visit a shop called Bruccianis, in good old Barrow-in-Furness, who made the best sandwiches in the world! Prawns on their own are dry, don't taste of much, etc. Instead of wasting your money… more »

Weighing scales

Posted at 01:45:22 am
Weighing scales
Traditional weighing scales for the kitchen
I have been looking out for some weighing scales, for a long time now. I have had some digital weighing scales that were ok I suppose, they took any size of container, but kept switching themselves off, leaving me with the job of keep setting them back… more »

Greaseproof paper for free

Posted at 11:57:30 am
I don't understand why our local Asda store has brought in their own range of greaseproof paper (alongside their own range of tun foil as well) then they flooded the shelving with their own brand product, then pushed all the prices up? Here at the… more »
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