Drastic post title and with good reason, Hydrogenated vegetable oils are being used in foods we eat everyday and should be BANNED! Commonly known as "trans fats" in short, HVO/trans fat take much longer for the body to remove, which increases the risk… more »

Victoria sponge won't rise

Posted at 12:37:05 am
I've spent the day battling with the age old problem of my victoria sponges not rising. Using the correct ingredients, I have now tried to make the sponge with a hand whisk and metal spoon, a food processor, an electric whisk and a combination of all of… more »

Greaseproof paper for free

Posted at 11:57:30 am
I don't understand why our local Asda store has brought in their own range of greaseproof paper (alongside their own range of tun foil as well) then they flooded the shelving with their own brand product, then pushed all the prices up? Here at the… more »


Posted at 01:40:20 am
Good pastry: keep it as cold as possible rule of thumb - Half fat to flour when adding in water to bind, make it ice cold (run the tap for a good 5 minutes) too sticky? add a little more flour - to dry? add a little more water people often make the… more »
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