Cup a soup

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Cup a soup
Cup a soups contain hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVOs) commonly known as trans fat

First to go, as part of our 2011 resolution of removing hydrogenated vegetable oil (artificially made trans fat to you and me) from my family's food chain, is the humble cup a soup.

A quick filler on a cold day, I was stunned to discover they contain hydrogenated vegetable oils as they are a dried product.

The packaging says, "Contains no artificial colours or preservatives" - a shame then that they contain man made trans fats, which the human body thinks are low colesteral and doesn't break them down as fast as natural trans fats.
These man made trans fats are proven to serve no beneficial purpose to the human body and are banned in Denmark, who have seen a staggering 40% drop in heart disease cases since they were banned.

Hydrogenated vegetable oils are only allowed into the food chain of the UK, due to the financial argument, in that they are cheap and keep the cost of food manufacturing low.
I'd rather not pay with clogged arteries thank you.

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