Hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats) are a killer!

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Drastic post title and with good reason, Hydrogenated vegetable oils are being used in foods we eat everyday and should be BANNED!

Commonly known as "trans fats" in short, HVO/trans fat take much longer for the body to remove, which increases the risk of fat clogging arteries and causing heart disease.
It astounds me why the powers that be openly promote skimmed milk and the reduction of dairy products in our daily diet, yet when faced with the evidence that naturally occuring trans fats, only used to account for 2-5% of saturated fats consumed, and that natural trans fat also produces two acids essential to human cells, and the human body could remove the fats relatively quickly....

Why are governments around the world, permitting in the use of HVO/trans fats, that now make up 30-40% of our saturated fat intake and DO NOT naturally produce the two acids essential to the make up of human cells?
Denmark have led the way in removing HVOs from their food chain, in the few years this has been done, Denmark's health has improved. A staggering 40% reduction in coronary heart disease!

Factor in the links with HVOs to diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease, liver disfunction, infertility. Not to mention the current studies into the links to cancers of the prostate and breast cancer!
Banning HVOs in several countries is not being brought in, for one simple reason... MONEY!
It is cheaper to use HVO to cook with than the natural, healthier option.

Once again, big business rules over the nation's health, disgraceful!

In future posts, I shall be highlighting everyday products that most of us use, that contain HVOs (Hydrogentaed vegetable oils) and removing them where ever possible from the food chain in our home.

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