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Asda - misleading price on roll back offer hiding price increase?


  09:28:00 pm, by Value hunter   , 213 words  
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Asda - misleading price on roll back offer hiding price increase?

It's already common place, to find supermarkets advertising "Two for one" or "Three for a pound" offers, whilst pushing up the price of the individual item, not only to make the offer look more attractive, but also as a way of increasing prices once the "offer" has ended.

Asda have sunk to new depths with this approach.

Heinz beans and sausage tins shot up in price to 97p from 65p a while back and have recently been the subject of a "Two for a pound" offer on gondola end promotions.
Having been returned to 97p for a couple of weeks, this week saw them included in the asda "roll back" promotion.
They have been reduced to 88p per tin, with a big yellow shelf edge sticker saying "Roll back" and a stick out roll back tab.
In the corner of the label, in tiny writing, it states that the regular price of said tin of beans and sausages, is £1.02 - a price I have never seen in our local asda!

Surely a supermarket, like any other business have a product on sale at the price on the ticket for 28 days before it can then advertise it as a regular price and offer a promotion on it?

Where are trading standards and what are they doing about it?


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Comment from: thomas dudley [Visitor]
thomas dudley
have been buying 4 cans of woodpecker cider weekly for months now and alway pays £3 they where on rollback offer this week rollback price was £3 from £3.30 what a rip off. mentioned it at the till and all i got was they must have put the price up for a few days first. I have noticed the same thing before on other things. is this legal,
20/12/11 @ 12:49
Comment from: Allan West [Visitor]
Allan West
As a former police officer I still have communications with Trading Standards in areas and keep myself aware of certain laws. ASDA is indeed in gross breach of Trading Standards, items seen in local Llandudno store include their individual Smart Price Raspberry Swiss roll (100grams) being sold regularly for 25pence each. On 22nd August 2012 the price showed RRP increase to 30pence. Now on 1st September they are again showing the price as 25pence with display sign that this is a "Roll Back". As they did not comply with statutory 28 days period of new price they are committing a criminal offence, not justifiable by stores alleging "a few days" or "prices are downloaded from national level". This store has also been advertising as a "Roll Back" packets of Smart Price custard powder for at least five months. By law this is NOT a Roll Back, but because of length of time has become th established price. Whether any joy will come from local Conwy Trading Standards officers is a guessing game, as my experience is that some areas of T.S. do their job, others don't, which gives rise to suspicions they may have an unhealthy arrangement (whether financial or in kind is unknown) with these major stores or are indeed frightened to speak to them.
01/09/12 @ 14:09
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Interesting Allan, I've noticed the same "smart price" roll back on asda's lard, base price increased then offered as a sale price. Trading standards will only act on large volumes of complaints on the same issue, they say they this isn't the case, but in my experience, it is the case. Thanks for the feedback
02/09/12 @ 10:48

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