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Lurpak butter - asda


  09:50:15 am, by Value hunter   , 85 words  
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Lurpak butter - asda

Lurpak butter - 250g pack (Salted and unsalted packs)

WAS £1.38
Then on offer - two packs for £2 (Price per pack shows £1.50 on label)
After two weeks, offer ends and price increases to £1.50 per pack

An INCREASE of 12p per pack - almost a 9% increase (inflation is at 3.5%)

I am not sure if it is coincidence or not, but Lurpak butter 500g packs, disappeared from Asda's shelves the same week the "offer" came on, on the 250g packs. If they return I'll be sure to highlight it.

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Comment from: John Thompson [Visitor]
John Thompson
Talk about running cartels. All of the major supermarkets have got to be accused of cartels as regards to Lurpak Butter as all of them are selling at £1.60. per 250g pack.
25/11/11 @ 10:36

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