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Tesco staff misleading customers?


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Tesco staff misleading customers?

I suffer from the occasional migraine. As with any fellow sufferer, once you find out what can counter it, you keep a stock of the medication in your home, car, etc.
Cocodamol is my preferred choice of medication.

Running very low last week, I nipped into our local Tesco store, to pick up a packet.
"We have the regular branded ones or our own tesco version..." said the lady at the counter.

*Out of principle, I never buy supermarket own brands. Sounds daft I know, but own brand goods are priced at the price that branded products used to be, the branded price is almost always over inflated to give the false impression that the supermarket own brand is good value... which it is not.

I'll take the branded pack please...
"That's £4.66 please!"
"Our tesco own brand is over a pound cheaper?"
You mean they are the price that the branded ones used to be, before your own version came out?
"The branded ones are more expensive because you are paying for their name!"
I don't believe you are correct with that statement!
"It's inflation as well..."
At £4.66 that would make inflation around 50%... I don't think so!

I double checked today with our own local pharmacy. The branded ones are available off the shelf, to the public, for a staggering... £3.11
Proof if it were needed, that tesco is over inflating the price of branded goods to make their own version appear cheaper and good value.
In the case of cocodamol, they contain exactly the same ingredients, the same number of tablets, but now the customer has to pay the same price for their own brand of product (making them more profit) or pay way over the odds for the trusted branded version.

The sooner those in power get a grip of this sharp practice, the sooner the inflation rate will start to fall.


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Comment from: Jake [Visitor]
Buying only branded medicines is silly. Both have exactly the same analgesic drugs in, of the EXACT same strength, and of the exact same number. They're identical in every single way - except the brand name, logo, and brightly coloured packaging. I'm not going to waste £1 extra on a brand name and packaging, and even though you're more than welcome to, it seems completely ridiculous to me!
21/07/12 @ 11:57
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
I hear you Jake. I wasn't able to get to an independant local chemist to pick some up. I refuse to buy supermarket own brand products, when I know the branded ones are over inflated to make them appear cheaper. The branded tablets I normally buy are well below tesco's price in my local independant chemist, the post was more about the practice of supermarkets over inflating prices of branded names so their own brand (brings in more profit for them) appears a cheaper alternative. Truth is, whether it's weetabix or cocodamol, the supermarket own brand is the price that the branded product should be, creating an impression of value that doesn't exist. Ta for posting.
31/07/12 @ 02:11
Comment from: enfysjones [Visitor]  
I have taken cocodamol plus caffeine for years only Tesco brand agree with me they have been out of stock for at least 4 weeks and I miss them why stop so suddenly and are they coming back
25/06/17 @ 08:54

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