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Categories: Marketing tricks, Tesco, Price rises

Start with a Going Rate

The Going Rate... For supermarkets that hope that the British public cannot add up. The easiest way to avoid being ripped off is to know (or have a rough estimate of) the going rate for the product. A good place to start is Andrex toilet roll… more »


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Tesco gondola end sales beware

Look out for tesco end of aisle sales, they are not all they appear to be. more »


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Teabags, what competition on price?

Teabags - branded packs taking turns to be on offer? more »


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Categories: Asda, Tesco, Price rises

Warburtons toastie loaf - supermarket pricing?

Our local asda and tesco, have the same price on a warburton's toastie loaf or £1.35 (As of Jan 2012) - they order these in by the hundreds/thousands every week. Our local petrol forecourt shop have them at £1.20 - they are consistantly lower in price… more »


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Categories: Marketing tricks, Tesco, Price rises

Tesco staff misleading customers?

I suffer from the occasional migraine. As with any fellow sufferer, once you find out what can counter it, you keep a stock of the medication in your home, car, etc. Cocodamol is my preferred choice of medication. Running very low last week, I nipped… more »

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