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  12:26:00 pm, by Value hunter   , 123 words  
Categories: Marketing tricks, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys

Teabags, what competition on price?

Teabags - branded packs taking turns to be on offer? more »


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Categories: Did you know?, Products now bought elsewhere, Asda

Asda versus my local butcher

Could Asda back up their claims to save me money on my meat bill, against my local butcher? more »


  09:28:00 am, by Value hunter   , 200 words  
Categories: Marketing tricks, Asda

A Weetabix offer that Asda don't want you to use!

Why are Asda not promoting a Weetabix offer that would save YOU money? more »


  01:04:00 am, by Value hunter   , 188 words  
Categories: Marketing tricks, Asda, Price rises

Asda Readybrek offer is a fake!

Asda misleading customers with "2 for £3" on readybrek. more »


  02:48:08 am, by Value hunter   , 103 words  
Categories: Asda, Tesco, Price rises

Warburtons toastie loaf - supermarket pricing?

Our local asda and tesco, have the same price on a warburton's toastie loaf or £1.35 (As of Jan 2012) - they order these in by the hundreds/thousands every week. Our local petrol forecourt shop have them at £1.20 - they are consistantly lower in price… more »

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AIM: To eliminate supermarkets completely from the weekly shopping.


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