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A Weetabix offer that Asda don't want you to use!


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A Weetabix offer that Asda don't want you to use!

If a supermarket's marketing is to be believed, they are all about offering customers value for money.
So perhaps Asda would like to explain their actions concerning Weetabix?

A 72 packsize of Weetabix is reduced to £5 (shown with a yellow offer shelf edge label), but none are in stock at our nearest store.
However, on the Asda website, under special offers, the product is not listed.
It is listed as a normal price of £5.

So is it an "Offer" or not?

To make matters worse, the manufacturer's offer of 72 weetabix for the price of 48 offer, is nowhere to be seen on Asda's website.
It is available in Asda stores though, they would rather not inform you about it!
In the normal location for weetabix, there is nothing about it.
But take a walk down to the bottom of the cereal aisle and there on a tiny metal hanger display, on the bottom shelf, stands just 6 boxes of the "50% Free" manufacturer's offer!

The price of these 48 pack sized weetabix is £4.18, much cheaper and better value than Asda's £5 "offer" that's not an offer according to their website.
An opportunity exists here, thanks to the manufacturer of weetabix, to SAVE people money, when given the chance, Asda CHOOSE not to promote it!

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