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Cow and gate baby food - supermarkets loss


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Cow and gate baby food - supermarkets loss

Cow and gate baby food - supermarkets loss

Another victory for me here at frugal ways!

Supermarkets, Asda and Tesco are pricing jars of Cow and gate baby food at 57p each or 10 for £5
Frugal ways can do better than that - a regular supply of the same brand and same product lines, are on sale each week at my local indoor market, for 45p each or 3 jars for £1.20

I usually buy 10 jars per week, which means I can now get 12 jars (2 extra jars) by shopping local and get them 20p cheaper than the 10 jars the supermarket are selling!

Supermarkets in my area, off this one product line alone, have LOST a whopping £260 per year in sales from our house, my local indoor market stall has gained £249.60 in business by not being greedy and providing a good service, giving me a thrifty saving of £10.40 per year! (Not even counting when the extra 2 jars each week add up to 10 jars - giving me a free week)
It may not sound much, but that's almost one month's free tv license, it is a month's line rental  for my phone line, all from buying local instead of using supermarkets!

Little victories, when added together, go along long way...

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