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Canon 70d with G.Zuiko OM lens adapter doesn't work (it does now!)

Looking around for a wide angle, manual lens for my 70d, I was drawn to the OM range of lenses, which many baye sellers claim can be adapted to fit my camera. So after much research into picture quality, etc, I opted for an Olympus OM G.Zuiko 28mm f3.5… more »

The Christmas cupboard

A Christmas cupboard can save you time, money and effort on your Christmas shopping more »

Covid lockdown support for local business

When lockdown struck, food was scarce. Faced with ridiculous queues at supermarkets, or starving. Step forward local butchers and fruit & veg wholesalers. A ready supply of eggs, fruit, veg, milk, meat and the like, without hiking up their prices to… more »

Frugal blog: Carboot sales, no dig gardening, money

Frugal blog: Carboot sales, No dig gardening and money... more »

Frugal blog: Savings on car and other...

Various babbles on a bank holiday Monday... more »