Category: "Customer service QUIZ"

Santander fabricating complaints and false recording calls

Santander making false representations for complaints that may be forwarded to the financial ombudsman... more »

British Gas top up meter fail

British gas failures in repairing their own top up meter... more »

Company fail - Churchill car insurance

Churchill car insurance take a bow, you are the latest company to fail when trying to sort out a customer account. To put it bluntly, you just don't get it! Simple issue, car insurance renewal, big increase (to be expected from all companies), on the… more »

Customer service quiz - Currys

New catagory for 2011, the customer service quiz. Every now and then frugal ways will be testing high street companies on how they treat their customers and posting the results. So off we go with our first high street company: CURRYS Curry's sold her… more »