Category: "Political correctness"

British traditions are dying

It is fair to say I am "out of touch" with most people, I grew up in the 1970's - in a family where traditional British occasions were celebrated - I was educated at schools where the facts behind those celebrated traditions were taught in history… more »

Bodycare UK allows poppies to be worn

News earlier today was abound, that Bodycare stopped a member of their staff at their Wigan branch, from wearing a poppy. The reason given was that company policy did not permit any badge or emblem, charity or otherwise, to be worn, for fear of… more »

Male doctors not allowed to treat women?

Our doctor is male, he has been the doctor of my wife for almost 30 years, he has been my doctor for 22 years he has been our son's doctor all 21 years of his life. He is also the doctor of our baby girl. So imagine my surprise when the wife goes off… more »