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Dad diary - Hard times, sleeping patterns, Jobs creating jobs and pottering.

More ramblings from a stay at home dad, about hard times, toddler sleeping patterns, jobs and pottering about... more »

Dad diary - Multi fuel burners, tradesmen, time off and a health visitor

We have had the pleasureable company of the better half for the last two weeks, so of course the number of jobs that "can" be done has increased. I struggle to finish one job at a time, so don't take any more on, until what I get the job in hand… more »

Dad diary - The terrible twos, barriers and digging out footings...

As is our luck, it seems with sprog2, we have hit the "terrible twos." Previously we have seen the odd tantrum, the odd comical bottle/cup throwing in the face, the screaming abdabs over a pencil or random piece of paper that was being stuffed in the… more »

Dad diary - Baby development ideas

Sprog2 has turned 16 months old today, developing all the time, something happened just now, that made me wonder if I should change direction in her development. We have a "pen" for her, other names include "baby prison" "baby play area" etc, you get… more »

Dad diary - Baby, routine and talking in chinese?

Being a dad who looks after a baby, the phrase I hear most is, "You have to get a baby into a routine!" Although I have a different outlook and approach, this being our second child, although to the onlooker my system appears in disarray, how I operate… more »