Category: "Rip off Britain"

Making customers criminal?

New laws are being brought in to protect sales workers "from abusive customers" Why not clamp down on businesses that flout the law that already exists in the UK? more »

SSE to Ovo transfer – Missing bills!

Why are disputed energy bills missing from a customer's Ovo account when they transfer over from SSE? more »

SSE to Ovo transfer – Unknown meter readings!

SSE and Ovo using meter readings that don't exist? more »

SSE to Ovo transfer – What’s the complaint?

SSE to Ovo, so what is the complaint? more »

SSE to Ovo transfer – What is going on?

There will follow here, a series of posts, regarding the transfer of an energy account from SSE to Ovo. Complete failings in what has occurred includes inaccurate Ovo staff reporting, failure to escalate/register a formal complaint, a huge reduction in… more »