Category: "Rip off Britain"

Sports Direct in breach of shopper's statutory rights

Long story short... I've bought and wore Adidas sized ten football socks for well over five years. Never had an issue with them. So while Hoover was out shopping in Sports Direct the other day, I asked if she'd pick me up four pairs of football socks,… more »

Footwear industry is damaging health for profit

Lowering standards of general footwear in recent years, is leading (I believe) to more injuries. As people are forced into ever more expensive footwear purchases, made on the cheap but retailing at a premium, those buying "regular" footwear are seeing… more »

Car insurance over 10 months, but taking 11 payments?

The mysterious car insurance monthly payment that disappears every year... more »

Local areas now dependent on supermarket donations?

#Supermarket "donates" £2000 to local park, while we all pay record taxes, how did we get here? more »

Car insurance companies delaying claims for profit

Has your car insurance company delayed a claim for increased profits? more »