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Comment from: MR DAVID LAND [Visitor]
we have been falsely misdled with the in in infor mation given to us firstly by the gentleman who came in march and also by the engineer approx eight day ago that we would have nothing to pay for there was enough left in the grant at no time in any paper work recievd did it say we had to make any contribution so therefore we cancel the said work because of your mistrust and have called in british gas to carry out the work as warm front sed they were going to repair the boiler the engineer saidit wood only cost my parent £3.00 for tea and milk your servce is very poor the grant my mother had was for £2500.00 which as now gone up to £3500.00 my mother been told lies and miss lead you are willcome to post my comment on line mr david land
09/11/10 @ 22:10
Comment from: k. WILLIAMS [Visitor]
Informed by Warm Front that they do not have time scale or targets for allocation of work! from allocation to fitting can by 6 - 8 months?. Informed that those assessed in march 2010 are only now being allocated for work. In effect you can expect up to 18 months for work. What a joke and waste of taxpayers money:- The funds should be passed to the household (in special account) for them to allocate approved fitter in their area. Absolutely disgusting way to treat disabled people. Governement should be ashamed scheme is badly flawed and is deceptive in nature leading clients to expect 6 to 8 months overall
09/12/10 @ 14:09
Comment from: p Finnerty [Visitor]
p Finnerty
after missing start dates to fit my boiler i kept phoning warmfront only to be told they would be back in touch / 3 weeks after the first missed start date they did fit my boiler and said the electriction would wire the boiler up the next day 8 weeks later and i am sitting here waiting for him to turn up the custommer care both warmfront and eaga give is disgusting
10/01/11 @ 09:24
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
From acceptance on the warmfront scheme to actual fitting of the boiler, took well over a year to complete. Their workmen left our home in a state, radiators that have to be bled every week, fitting a wattage of boiler that leaves us having to restrict the flow of water via the hot tap to get hot water. Installation company that warmfront employed, offered us a choice of boilers, then cancelled the order after one missed telephone call. When I finally got the order reinstated, the installation company said they were no longer fitting boilers other than the cheap ideal logic boilers. Warmfront told me they should be fitting other makes of boiler, including baxi, etc. The workmen turned up, telling me they only ever fitted ideal logic boilers. The installation team left me with a section of floor, concreted with only some old pipe lagging underneath, nothing else protecting the pipework below it. When the electrician came, he fixed the earth wiring over a clearly visible extension lead and ran a plastic casing down the middle of a wall to the mains water tap, that is not even fixed to the wall itself. The new ideal logic boiler uses exactly the same amount of gas (with LESS hot water) than our old back boiler that is over 30 years old. I'd love to know what happened to all these "savings" a so called efficient boiler, was supposed to create?
10/01/11 @ 09:42
Comment from: linda hunt [Visitor]
linda hunt
09/02/11 @ 16:03
Comment from: jennycave [Visitor]  
for gods sake dont have a warm front team anywhere near your home
30/06/11 @ 14:39
Comment from: peroline fauvel [Visitor]  
peroline fauvel
Sounds just like what happened to us re time scales and Fenhams in Newcastle cancelling the job (they said Warm Front did it), being told that we would have to reapply etc etc. Finally we have a new boiler, hot water cylinder and oil tank BUT guess what the central heating doesn't work. After 4 hours on the living room is still only 18 c and it is still August dreading more phone calls and disruption and cold weather.
30/08/11 @ 11:03
Comment from: nicola ferati [Visitor]  
nicola ferati
I had a new boiler fitted under the warmfront gov scheme also in jun 2009 fortunately for me timescales wasnt a problem and een fitted a vaillant 830 ecotec which is supposed to be one of the best!! 2yrs on my warranty now finished and guess what pressure is so high got no heating or hot water as its a combi boiler, so got vaillant group out to have a look paid £200.00 for a policy for the whole year they fixed the problem or so i thought but in the meantime let me know the people who had been servicing my boiler whilst under warranty not been doing a proper job and another shell shock i got when he asked when i had the boiler installed he asked did you have your radiators power flushed as you have alot of dirt/gunk in your system which has been in turn going into your heater exchange and causing pressure to rise. I obviously was amazed by this information as on installation no power flush took place. I have been in contact with warmfront a few times each time telling me im out of warranty as if i needed to be told that, also i dont now come under new criteria under new scheme although i have apparently a grand left over from old scheme enough to sort the problem out that they have caused by employing engineers that have incorrectly installed my boiler that should have carried out a standard procedure. I thought the warmfront scheme was to help people of vulnerable situations or have health issues so they dont have problems not having any hot water or heat but when it comes to a complaint if warranty has ran out they dont want to know even if they are in the wrong. They did advise me to call original engineers out to sort problem which i did but of course the line is now dead, i then was in turn put in touch with energy saving trust? Dont ask they was as bewildered as me, they searched corgi register the company that fitted my boiler are no longer on the list - no surprise there then so looks like ceased trading or now under different name, thats great!! And also that just says it all!! Now warmfront have told me to put it in writing sending any copies of paperwork so sending it off today - we will see what the outcome is but im not being optimistic. Anyone else had similar problems??
26/09/11 @ 08:24
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Nicola, This lack of service doesn't apply to just "out of warranty" fittings. I've posted an update for your perusal. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
29/09/11 @ 22:25
Comment from: Jessica Ryan [Visitor]
Jessica Ryan
we are going through the exact same issues with warm front for my mother and father, and has been going on for 3 years! Every winter they are without heating and can only run hot water for approx 3 min before it conks out all together. We have been told to get a full system flush at a cost of £600 (warm front refuse to do this)and even when this is done there is no grantee if it will fix the problem. We are at our wits end and have no idea what to do next. Unless we are prepared to pay thousands for a new boiler we are well and truly stuck!
31/01/12 @ 10:20
Comment from: debbie thistleton [Visitor]
debbie thistleton
i had a grant from warmfront after 2 years they finally sent a firm to do the job they repaired some of the boiler and installed a new immersion tank the said they would be back as they had to order a part. iafter a couple of days i noticed the ceiling in the kitchen was bulging i ran upstairs and discovered the tank was leaking badly by the time they come back the ceiling had sustained irrepairable damage the men shrugged it of fitted the fan to the boiler handed me a thermostat and went. i rang to complain and was told they were in recievership, warmfront have been so unhelpful it not true. help
08/03/12 @ 10:48
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Hi Debbie, Have you contacted warmfront directly - not the installation company? What's been happening is that Eaga (now known as Carillion) control most of the installation contracts to customers via warmfront, they contract out the work to regional companies and charge them a fee. Even if the installation company no longer works with warmfront, warmfront should assign another installation to repair and put right the damage caused. If you have nop joy with warmfront head office, then give trading standards a ring in your area, warmfront scheme maybe government funded, but it still means that a company is paid to carry out and maintain work on your home, just as a private customer. If its not up to scratch it needs sorting asap. Good luck
09/03/12 @ 13:54
Comment from: mr akhtar [Visitor]
mr akhtar
had a ideal boiler from warmfront.the boiler is worth no more than £400,but it cost £3000 after 2 years we can smell gas,the boiler makes so much noise it wakes my dosent heat the water properly it is a total waste.
18/03/12 @ 12:14
Comment from: J [Visitor]
I've been having similar problems for over a's my parents house, no heating dowsntairs for over a year, no end of damage, damaged TV, threw computers about, left floorbaords up, wrecked the airing cupboard, black and white grease over every wall in the house, mortar down the conservatory sink (gotta be at least 20K to sort that on eout properly?) threateend me with a blow torch and kciked the dog about, deliberately! These people are psychopaths, they need locking up...worse still after ayear a different company may finally becoming to do even more damage...i.e. industrial style piping in each and every room...where in reality they need to be boxed in, put under floorbaords.... Looks like i'm probably going to end up going to prison for along time over it.... can anybody help??? poolice, local govt are the psychos that did it obviously aren't worth complaining to....
26/05/12 @ 17:51
Comment from: julian sims [Visitor]
julian sims
warmfront !!!! what a joke they ring and tell you lies about appointments ..I had a survey booked had phone call from surveyor to say "at my first call ring you soon with a E.T.a..!!!!" then half hour later there office rings me with a story the surveyor had rang in sick and cancelled my apointment. think if they want to lie to customers they want to at least get there stories right.....!!!!
16/06/12 @ 13:17
Comment from: mike [Visitor]  
Had a new boiler fitted 2 years ago by warmfront, it took the fitters less than 3 hours to fit the new one made a mess of fitting the brick work outside by fitting the facing bricks back to front.Put earthing wireing outside on the front of the house yellow and green to blend in with the bricks?? left the boiler plugged into a extention cable as no electrician was avalable for 3 days.The boiler makes noises like a motor bike in the winter and the pipes in the loft knock and bang when the boiler starts and stops.The fitters may be gas safe registered but act like cowboys trying to fit as much boiler fitting in one day and so make money.I informed the man who came out to check the work and he said he look into it,when I said about the bricks being fitted wrong way round all he said was they are not brick layers?? I said I am not a brick layer but I know which way a faceing brick goes.All they are interested in is getting easy money off the goverment,this needs to be looked into I am getting in touch with my M P and I advise everyone to do the same.
11/07/12 @ 15:21
Comment from: Kim rowleycam [Visitor]
Kim rowleycam
I had an ideal isar boiler fitted in 2009 by warmfront it has never heated water efficiently unless it trickles out taking an hour to run a bath I have reported this to warmfront on several occasions and been told that I must run my tap very slowly and it is a problem with water pressure! Warmfront sent an engineer out who made an adjustment that improved things for a few days if that! I am now out of the warranty time and it has started switching itself off. I have now had independent reviews one from British gas who have identified a faul boiler when fitted and illegal installation (condensing pipe running outside into gutter. I have a small house and this boiler is situated in my 9 year old daughters bedroom where it makes the most alarming noises and I worry about it all the time even tho it has been checked. Three years after having a new boiler I now have to find 3000 to have a new boiler and to rectify the appalling job done by warmfront
22/09/12 @ 22:50
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Hi Kim, Have you contacted Carillion (formerly known as Eaga who ran the warmfront scheme)? Try this link from the Dept. of Energy and Climate Change, If you have already contacted Carillion and wish to escalate your complaint, then see this link from the DECC, I hoped that "consumer groups" would have stepped in by now and taken a test case to court, to avoid continuous cases of boilers not being fitted correctly and/or failing within a short timescale, but sadly they all appear to be to concerned with staying in favour with the government of the day and it's toothless regulators, in order to protect taxpayer/energy company funding. There is ample evidence of assurances given by the Energy Saving Trust, to build a small claims case against the operators of the scheme, on an individual basis. These include energy savings claimed by bodies such as the Energy Saving Trust, that never materialise. Energy Saving Trust figures and marketing material promotes that the average lifespan of a new boiler is 12 years, so there could well be a case of not fit for purpose, if an individual's boiler has conked out within 3 years, regardless of the "warranty" offered. I do hope you get some joy from escalating your complaint and please post back either way, you are not the only one having problems. I am not at your stage as yet, but will be looking at a small claims case against the operators of the scheme should I be in your position. Good luck and thanks for taking the time to post.
23/09/12 @ 11:24
Comment from: john [Visitor]  
the previous scheme operated through eaga left a hole in the roof. they tried to fix something and that repaor fell apart, and that was in 2007... nothing's changed then?
25/10/12 @ 17:40
Comment from: Stewpat41 [Visitor]
Warm Front told me because there’s 'MAYBE' asbestos in the old boiler I would have to hire someone else to removed old boiler they cannot because of 'Health & safety' then obtain a clean air certificate from an asbestos company and send this in to Warm Front, (ALL ON A MAYBE) Warm Front would then install the boiler but I would have to wait maybe up to three months before the new boiler could be installed leaving an elderly couple with NO heating and hot water in October/ November not being too concerned about our Health and Safety, that didn't come in to it. I'm aware that the Warm Front works on a bidding process (ebid) , and prices are agreed and subsequently set for standard works, this is a standard practice, so beware and bear in mind low prices cause short cuts and substandard work, because of these prices, be aware that in some cases this causes Registered Heating Professionals to decline work knowing they cannot work below standard. Be aware of Installer using cheap boilers. I feel let down by this government scheme which was to help people on low incomes with the Government making one big mistake of letting Warm Front hold the purse strings. This I was NOT willing to do, leaving me with no option but to cancel the grant given. (my Grant not Warm Fronts) My advise is don't have Warm Front it's your property and it's should be up to you who as the last word not Warm Front.
02/11/12 @ 18:43

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