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Sounds like a very intelligent child but I disagree with calling the pen a prison. (bearing in mind that I would rather my child be in a so called prison as 6 foot under due to the result of her being unsafe). My daughter loved her pen because there was lots of exciting things to do in there. eg. ripping up old catalogues which would of otherwise gone in the bin and old newspapers to rustle and rip up. I half filled plastic bottles with coloured cereals and pulses. These looked colourful and made a quiet noise. But her favourite toy was an old biscuit tin with a wooden spoon. I usually let her play with the tin and spoon while I was busy then secretly removed the noisy items when I wanted to watch tv and of course a couple of her favourite dolls.The pen contains all the mess so any mess is quickly cleaned and tidied leaving you more free time to spend with your child. The best advice I ever got when bringing up my kids was to take them out and keep them out. There is so much to see and do in the outside world and new faces and places will keep your childs brain active. A child who has an active brain normally grows up to be intelligent and will use his/her brain at school and later The next phase in development is getting her to do things for herself. Try getting her to dress herself and brush her hair. she might not make a proper job of it yet but practise makes perfect. I often took my child out with her clothes on back to front and inside out but she soon learnt to do it properly. If you do everything for your child she will never learn to do anything for herself. I cant remember the exact age but definately before her second birthday she could stand on chair at kitchen sink and wash a few plastic dishes after I placed a dish of WARM soapy water in sink for her. and when I dried the cups I placed them on a chair so that she could put them away in a low cupboard. Only small jobs but she made progress with practise and as she got older she realised that if she helped me to do housework it gave me more time to take her out. The sooner she learns to do for herself the more time you will have for yourself. And one last piece of advice is for you to enjoy bring her up and as my mother always said "as you sow so shall you reap.
01/12/12 @ 19:16

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