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Comment from: Tricia [Visitor]  
Eon have just phoned me to try and get me to change to them... The bloke even lied about SWALEC having standing charges on their pre payment meters... When I kept telling him I wasn't interested he got slightly aggressive towards me...hmmm that will really help your cause mate. So I told him if I wanted to switch providers then I would do my own research, and was then told they only put on their site those providers that pay the highest to them...strange then how EON are on there... Oh and by the way Eon you are not the cheapest for me, I checked on quite a few sites. Now thinking about phoning Eon up and complaining about the phone call.
02/07/10 @ 11:58
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
First off, how did they get your phone number? This is one reason I never use price comparison websites, as your personal information is sold on to make more profits. Cold calling? sounds strange, but not unusual as energy companies regularly land at my door, with a clip board with my details on, a swift eff off and I slam the door in their faces. Personally, I think that energy companies in the UK operate a monopoly and should be investigated. Always find it strange how they seem to take turns in offering the "best price" - the best approach I have found is to stand your ground and fire questions back at the company you are with. chopping and changing via PCWs is a waste of time, as they do not take into account exit charges, its a roundabout, once you are on and a cheaper price becomes available it costs you yet more money to get out of your current providers grasp and so on and so on.
02/07/10 @ 16:32
Comment from: anonymous [Visitor]
Hi good info, but can you tell me whether the 'smart key meters' are the same as the 'smart meters' ? I recently received some letters from eon stating that theyre going to give me the opportunity to have a new 'smart meter' fitted theres no mention of 'key' Im thinking is this the same thing? also Im thinking how do they receive the info? via wireless/ mobile networks? or via cable? & also theyre saying something about some energy gadget which detects amount of electricity used & how this can be used to save money..blah blah..etc anyways I'd like to know if its done via radio waves then surely this is more EMF in the home/ cant be good. Soon we'll have sooo much microwaves we will be cooked in no time.
09/11/11 @ 02:07
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Smart meters are different from the key meters posted about here, although at the time I was told it was a new smart key meter, for pre payment customers. Smart meters are being rolled out across the country, they show which appliances are using what amount of energy. They also use a technology that allows them to take a reading ever hour or so and report this back to the energy company's central system. There have been reports that this information can highlight when people are away, working hours, etc.
09/11/11 @ 14:48
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
This link maybe useful to your good self. Doesn't go into great detail but outlines what they are.
09/11/11 @ 17:09
Comment from: Sophia [Visitor]
Eon and all the other energy companies are a joke, constantly pulling the wool over peoples eyes. The truth is most people won't bother to check things like this so thanks for making us aware! Going to phone Eon now to complain about my latest bill!
28/01/15 @ 11:10

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