Comment from: Ian Williams [Visitor]
Ian Williams
Worrying - and doesn't sound right, by all means get in touch and I'll investigate. Certainly doesn't engage in "phishing" and if you want to opt out of marketing emails of course you can. Ian (director of comms,
24/11/09 @ 09:14
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Ian - I have forwarded to you, the unsolicited email I received from your company. I could of course opt-out, but this option is missing from the email, it would also imply that I opted in at some point to receive them, which I did not. It would require me to visit your company website to opt-out, which may involve cookies being placed on my computer by your website, which would also increase your website traffic. As an individual affiliate, I am aware of OTHER price comparison websites, that place cookies on people's computers, that are given priority over an individual affiliate's cookie, when the customer goes on to purchase from a company, so you can understand why I prefer not to visit a price comparison website to opt-out of receiving emails I did not request in the first place. I look forward to your reply.
24/11/09 @ 10:45

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