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Fined for feeding ducks in the park?

A woman has had her penalty notice fine of £75 for feeding ducks in the park with her son, dropped, by a local council. Originally, the lady was fined for feeding the ducks in a "non designated area." At first Sandwell Council defended the issuing of… more »

Male doctors not allowed to treat women?

Our doctor is male, he has been the doctor of my wife for almost 30 years, he has been my doctor for 22 years he has been our son's doctor all 21 years of his life. He is also the doctor of our baby girl. So imagine my surprise when the wife goes off… more »

Careers advice for 7 year olds?

What did you want to do when you were 7 years old? For me, I wanted to be an astronaut, for a week or so, then a footballer, then a train driver, then an astronaut again... The sooner we let our children be children again the better, social breakdown in… more »