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Making customers criminal?

New laws are being brought in to protect sales workers "from abusive customers" Why not clamp down on businesses that flout the law that already exists in the UK? more »

Actual loss or penalty charge?

"Actual loss" is a gauge for determining whether or not the fees, charges, termination costs or administration fees (and many more charges dressed up with fancy names) are what your personal circumstances have done to cause a loss to a business where a… more »

DIY superstore staff are beyond help...

I get my fair share of stick for criticising store staff who are employed by high street companies. I understand that they are, "just doing their job" but I believe it is fully warranted. After 17 years in the retail trade, if I was to treat customers… more »

Car insurance - person or vehicle?

In pre price comparison website times (ie, run by journalists posing as "experts") - as with most other industries today - the car insurance industry was run, where the customer was king. The prices charged for your car insurance policy were based on a… more »

Car insurance - person or vehicle?

Is car insurance for the individual or the vehicle? more »