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Comment from: irene hodge [Visitor]  
irene hodge
no idea website rubbish making it hard for people to pay them?
19/05/13 @ 11:58
Comment from: Chris aris [Visitor]
Chris aris
I have had the same experience with this bunch of cutthroats! We were actually selling our house at the time and their attempt to force a charging order nearly wrecked the sale. It certainly caused my wife and I many sleepless nights. Ignoring letters and emails is their stock in trade so if you do get involved with them keep copies and send stuff signature service. Luckily our solicitor was a very switched on person and soon sorted them out - unlike them he was a real solicitor. They like to remain anonymous but one little ferret called Edwin Rose - apparently a "legal assistant" whatever that is, left his name on a document. I hope he rots in hell. These people are unscrupulous bullies, but sadly this country allows them to operate. If you run across them, get professional advice and heed the. Wise words of Frugalways above
14/06/17 @ 00:24
Comment from: tim [Visitor]
Had a court case with Shoosmith's last week after they refused to discuss a payment plan. The solicitor argued with the judge to the point he turned around and told her to shut up and if she made any more comments they would removed from court. The solicitor then told the judge that her client wouldn't accept his ruling and so he found her in contempt of court!
24/07/17 @ 14:12

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