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Comment from: someone [Visitor]  
i disagree EQL is used for Data Protection purposes- equidebt is then used once the person on the phone has confirmed themselves as the debtor numbers are always removed on request Equidebt's working hours are 8am-8pm and are allowed to call within this time- dont you think it wouls have stopped a long time ago if they weren't allowed to??
07/01/11 @ 20:39
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Appreciate your feedback, but you are wrong. I know of three "customers" of equidebt who have repeatedly requested that the telephone number they are attempting to contact them on, be removed from account notes. The telephone calls continue. This is breaking the Data Protection Act and keeping inaccurate telephone records on the "customer" account. This is also breaking the law as regards the Administration of Justice Act. It is "Harrassment of a would be debtor" whereby an individual has the LEGAL right to request that contact be in writing only. If notified, the company should adhere to this and cease telephone and doorstep calling. Just because equidebt/EQL are open 8am - 8pm, does not mean that calling within these times is unsociable. The old "if it was wrong they wouldn't do it" argument is a fob off. You conveniently forget that they should not be phoning in the first place. EQL is used for data protection - totally irrelevant! They are misleading by refusing to reveal their registered business name upon request. I think you'll find that this is once again, illegal! On one occasion that I know of, when they called at 7.56pm, they were requested to remove the telephone number from the account notes with immediate effect and contact in writing only, equidebt's advisor replied, "It's ok, we'll just phone you again at another time!" and put the phone down. If this recorded call was even noted on the account notes, which I very much doubt, would the advisor have revealed the telephone number removal requested by the "customer" - No Would the advisor have posted what they said to the customer? - No Would the advisor have posted that they cut the customer off? - No I know these to be true as equidebt/eql called again two days later with the same outcome. I don't know what laws equidebt think they have to adhere to, but in England and Wales, breaches of the Data Protection Act are an offence!
08/01/11 @ 11:38
Comment from: Mr Me [Visitor]  
Mr Me
I had a call from these people this morning, looking for someone else, on my number, they did not identify them selves as EQL or by any other business name, I knew they were debt collctors as I have other calls from other debt collectors looking for Mr#### using my mobile number. when I asked who they were she ignored me and asked for Mr##### again. I told them they have the wrong number and requested that that my number be removed from their system..... I doudt this will be done, but let wait and see.
18/04/11 @ 10:40
Comment from: Mandy [Visitor]  
Last hope My Daughter aged 17 took out a Paydayuk £150 loan (must have given wrong D.O.B) she had no job and no income at the time ( but my guess is she gave false information but they cant disclose that to me) They gave her a loan she could not pay back now its been taken over by Equidebt who ring my daughter and me. they wont tell me what credit checks were done on my daughter for them to pass a payday loan and they have proof my daughter was 18 when she took out the loan (she is still 17 with no income) anyone know were i can go for help with is??? as i feel if they had done the right checks in the first place they would have turned her down for any loan
19/05/11 @ 20:26
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
First stop equidebt/eql from phoning or visiting you. Write a letter stating that "all contact will be in writing only" quote the administration of justice act, which states persistent phone calls/doorstep visits are "harrassment of a would be debtor" and as such are illegal. These should stop within a 7 day period. Ask also for the removal of your phone number from their records. Then once these have stopped, write again (dont forget to print your name instead of signing it!) asking for proof, and then seek a copy of the full original agreement that your daughter signed for. Include also a request for the information on credit checks etc. ALWAYS send them via recorded delivery so that they have to sign for them on receipt and cannot pretend that they have not received your letters. ( is just one great source of information on the net - never pay for advice unless its a solicitor) Try not to worry too much, there is always help at hand.
21/05/11 @ 00:06
Comment from: Elizabeth [Visitor]
I have been contacted by these people and explained that the address they have is not mine nor is the phone number. I have lived abroad for almost 8 years and certainly have not run up any debt. The attitude used suggests that they are within their rights to ask for personal information. God help any older person who these people speak to because they are just bullies.
25/10/11 @ 10:48
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Remember the golden rule Elizabeth - ALWAYS refuse to give any information over the phone (and certainly do not confirm any personal information on a call) Suggest they write to you only and remove your number from their database with immediate effect. If they fail to do this and ring again, simply put the ohone down, then write a short letter regarding your rights under the administration of justice act - harassment of a would be debtor. Include also that your phone number should be removed from their records and that all contact will be in writing only, as is your right under the act. Send the letter to them by signed for delivery, costs around £1.20 This way they cannot blag you that they have not received it. Then sit back and wait for written proof to arrive, I suspect it never will. Good luck.
25/10/11 @ 22:31
Comment from: cliff tynan [Visitor]
cliff tynan
All cold calling should be outlawed. the call preference service helps somewhat. reputable companies respect peoples right to privacy.
16/02/12 @ 11:12
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Couldn't agree more Cliff. Call preference service only blocks UK cold calls, does not include those from channel islands and abroad. Always puzzles me why countries which do not have UK levels of data protection (for all the use that is) The issue here, was EQL calling and not revealing what company they were, added to this, was the way in which they were stopped from calling using the law as equidebt, then called themselves EQL, as if this somehow entitles them to ignore legal requests to not contact by telephone and remove telephone numbers from accounts, which they have obviously not done. Consumer credit licenses are there for a reason, to license a company if they are fit to hold one and trade. Unless a company in the financial industry do something considerably wrong, removal of the license is not even considered. The FSA and it's replacement appointment need to stop "working with" industry and finally get some teeth and start enforcing the law on the UK public's behalf, something that they are paid to do, by taxpayers.
16/02/12 @ 16:46
Comment from: Pippa [Visitor]  
How did this company get my telephone number, it is ex directory with BT
09/03/12 @ 21:37
Comment from: bawbag [Visitor]
Had a call from them. Said he was from Equidebt at first then changed it to EQL. Wouldnt divluge what call was about. Lots of silences from his end. Hesitant, not a slick operator. I asked if hewas cold calling and he replied "no, i'm not selling anything". Asked again if it was a cold call, ie unsolicited. No reply. Told him the call was going nowhere and hung up. I dont have any debts. CC debt was 8 years ago ffs.
11/07/12 @ 15:33
Comment from: BlG DADDY [Visitor]  
Good afternoon, Equidebt are currently writing to me, as they have purchased a previous debt. The debt in question was dropped i believe, as when calling the previous company they claimed to have no record of my account reference number or name. either way this was in 2008 when the debt vanished until October this year, is there anything wrong with this? as i do not know if thy have the right to do this, I am only on Jobseekers allowance and pay £30 a month to my daughter as mainenance. Any help would be welcome
18/11/12 @ 14:47
Comment from: Anon [Visitor]
Equidebt is A high pressure debt collection company who will try to give you a hard time but have no real power. They bought your original debt off another company for pennies on the pound. Ask for a copy of your original consumer credit agreement, you are legally entitled to this. They will not have a copy in most cases and without it the debt is unenforceable in law. Do not enter into any ageement with these clowns under any circumstances untill you have a copy of the cca. Also if your debt is over 6 years old any you have not entered any agreement with equidebt, the debt is off the statute of limitations and once again unenforceable. They try to win with intimidation tactics so just ignore these idiots and relax.
18/11/12 @ 14:57
Comment from: Ross [Visitor]  
They are just using scare tactics, do not open the letters usually addressed in brown envelopes with the words STRICTLY PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL TO BE OPENED BY THE ADDRESSEE ONLY. With a return address with postcode CV35 9GA. Return all corresponding mail back to sender with a polite note that this person no longer lives at this address. If they continue to harrass you, write a formal letter requesting removal of your address information and keep copies. If they persist you should get in touch with OFT who are already investigating these bullies. Just relax, they cannot do anything to you.
16/01/13 @ 12:56
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]
Q. Is that Mr X? A. Who's calling? Q. Am I speaking to Mr X? A. I said who's calling? Q. This is (name of debt collection agency) am I speaking to mr X? A. Whoever I may or may not be, because of the Data Protection Act I am unable to answer any of your questions. Goodbye! PUT THE PHONE DOWN!
27/02/13 @ 16:53
Comment from: Ian Jones [Visitor]
Ian Jones
I noticed that this company has MANY different 'mobile' numbers to call people on. My sister was getting hassle from them and they didn't listen to her at all! I told her to get one of the call block apps for her phone, so she doesn't get bothered again by them.
15/04/13 @ 11:42
Comment from: susan osborn [Visitor]  
susan osborn
i received a letter onthe 2nd of may from equidebt stating i owed thatm money for a txt loan i rang them and the phone number and email adress was not mine but because the date of birth was right they said its probably someone that i know i tried to explain that this has happened before and the people who weree owed money sorted it and i heard no more wehat do i do uif i get more letters
03/05/13 @ 11:04
Comment from: Nat [Visitor]  
They have phone me on numerous times I have refused to tell them who I am but they know my name and since I told the to write to me they have took it upon themselves to txt me completely and utterly fuming I am being hounded and they wont even tell me why they are ringing :(
09/05/13 @ 21:20

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