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Comment from: shantilal navekar [Visitor]  
shantilal navekar
two things I like mention, one is about my boiler serivce and other is when I ring up British gas if their can offer me cheapist tariff and said go line and set by e-mail account we can give 6% off if I set up from standard rate to only one tariff there have at the moment. And I am sending copy of leeters sent to British Gas and not happy there service. Managing Director of British Gas, Ref: [Removed reference no] (This a complain) As a customer of British Gas and valued customer, due to I am not very happy the service I get from British Gas. Firstly I took out the boiler service in March 2012, which didn’t access, but parts and labour was covered. Even that time asked who did your boiler service before and said British Gas service and the boiler wasn’t done properly. When I rang the boiler service department at the time my boiler was fine. For argument sake I didn’t know the something was going happen to the boiler on the day the engineer turn up, because in summer we turn off the heating and because it was cold on that day we switch heating for that due been cold and my notice there was leak and yourselves don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but at least we were honest about it and don’t lie like the other people do. I also explain this to supervisor and the manager weren’t willing to help with this problem and even not suggesting to pay £10 a month, due my situation me and wife not working at moment. And this the way British Gas treats their customers. The manager [name removed] keep on saying I don’t get anything for free and I told the manager I am not getting anything for free due I paying direct debt £13 a month, which covers the boiler and I was very upset by this. Then transfers me to customer relation to help with problem and did try to explain to the Helen but she wasn’t very helpful and I put the phone down her and she automatically cancel my policy and was going discuss with her before she cancel. And my boiler needs fixing, because had this policy before, but I had to cancel policy due to I couldn’t afford the payment and been unemployed. But when the engineer came to check the boiler he said my to my wife who did our boiler last time and wife said it was your own gas engineer did repairs when we had the boiler scheme service, so it is not our fault. When I spoke to the manger [name removed] it up to the engineer and when spoke to the engineer he said is up the gas board to help because their make a decision. So I can’t afford to pay straight away and how the Gas board going to help me. Kind regards Mr S Navekar British Gas Complains Department PO Box 4803 Worthing BN11 9 22nd October 2012 To Managing Director, Ref: [Removed reference no] I have a gas service cover which has access of fifty pounds on the policy, and what’s’ the point having a policy who doesn’t up hold for parts and labour, when recently I had my boiler serviced last month and it needed new water valve and magnetic filter to stop the leakage to happen again and I feel f have access on your policy and the work should been carried out and this wasn’t done by recent engineer and this and I was told by other engineers the work should been carried out if I had access on my policy, where before there said the work paid advance one off, but my policy is with access , because I had a letter from your manager saying the boiler needs servicing and the engineer knew the fault when he came to service the boiler it needed magnetic filter and a new water valve, which I did but the engineer knew what the fault was. When we had access on our policy and the work should have been carried out and we told the engineer but he didn’t do it and also according to your advert on the television and website it says covered parts and labour? So please could send your engineer to do the work and only engineer we trust is Tim to do the work. I look forward to hearing from ASP and copy of this letter is to be sent my legal advisor. Kind regards Mr Shantilal Navekar
16/11/12 @ 02:05

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