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Shopping discrimination

Why is discrimination permitted by the powers that be and various consumer bodies/quangos that we, the people pay for? Age shopping discrimination: I can stand in Greggs on a given day and pay 10% more than the person next to me, for exactly the same… more »

New baby coming - what to buy?

When your new baby is about to arrive, the temptation is to buy lots of things and with the price of baby things going through the roof, it makes frugal sense not to go overboard! Every company under the sun wants to sell you something, wants you to… more »

Feeding time - the wonders of baby rice

If you are expecting or have just had a baby, I cannot emphasise more, the benefits of having in your cupboards, a packet of baby rice. It is bland, it's seemingly of not much use, but baby rice in our house, is a godsend. Take for example the throwing… more »

10 things that keep a toddler interested

Our sprog number 2, is fast approaching 9 months of age. Here is the latest top ten list of things that hold her attention, that she likes to play with: String or spaghetti An empty cardboard box Labels - be it on clothing or muslin squares Her own feet… more »

Santander/Abbey - 5 bags of change a day only!

It is reassuring to know, that Santander bank have their customer's best interests at heart and that security at their branches is of paramount importance... Unless of course, you actually need to use one of their branches! It has taken four (that's… more »