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Comment from: Abe [Visitor]
Man, you've got such a cranky, cantankerous, sarcastic, grumpy way of looking at things. I reckon it's great, I get a giggle every time.
01/08/10 @ 11:24
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Abe bud, We as taxpayers, pay an every growing tax bill locally, yet our letter boxes are flooded with around 10 deliveries per week, of leaflets, "charity" bags and the worst... kleeneze easy catalogues. We have all got big signs up (that we paid for from our county council taxes) saying no cold callers, leaflets, etc. Of which all are ignored. Here we have a charity unlicensed to collect things, the company collecting for them won't apply for a license because the local council will refuse them, as they make a substantial amount of money, and only give a small percentage to the charity, but will not reveal how much to the licensing office. in this case, they are giving nothing to the charity at all, and moved on to the next town, after collecting in our area anyways, after telling households, licensing officer, etc, that they would not. My MP says contact the local press and make people aware... my reply was, what is the point? Why need to make people aware, when there is a law in place that will stop this instantly, but the police, the licensing office and the council (who's job it is) won't uphold the law and stop it? Cantankerous? definately hehe
01/08/10 @ 21:48
Comment from: sarah [Visitor]
Hi I have contributed clothes and shoes etc to ELT via Little Treasures on more than one occasion and have always found them to be polite and courteous. I do alot of work with different charities and find that door to door collections to be a great way to make a small contribution. I think some people have far too much time on their hands to complain, maybe you could put that energy into helping out your local charities.
02/08/10 @ 15:27
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Hi sarah, East london textiles (ELT) are not a charity, they are a business, doing very nicely from these collections. Too much time on my hands? quite the opposite, I do however have some scruples. If I give clothing to the oxfam shop and they want to sell it on, then good luck to them, it is theirs to do with as they want. If I give clothing to little treasures, via ELT, very little of what is sold on actually raises funds for the charity. Instead it goes to making healthy profits for ELT, a business! In this case, I'd bet good money that not a penny of the money raised from collecting illegally in my area went to the charity. I would ask you to consider the following: - 16 houses including my home with "no cold callers,bags,leaflets please" signs up, every single house got a bag posted through - the charity tell me its ELT doing the collections and say theyll have words with them. The next day when one of their vans does a collection, they admit that it is their responsibility and say they will have a meeting about it (they lied on my first call) - little treasures told me that they have had thousands of their bags stolen yet not reported any theft of bags to the police, anywhere in the UK - little treasures told me there was "a turf war going on in the north west" clearly a lie, as the next day they admitted it was their vans doing the collecting illegally - neither ELT or little treasures childrens trust have applied for or obtained a license to do house to house collections in my council's area, making what they are doing illegal! - the person delivering their bags, did not close my gate (sprog could have got out onto road), ignored clear signage showing my wishes not to receive their bag, threw the bag into my garden after I had gone back into the house and when stopped and given the bag back, I was given a dirty look and ignored. - ELT were contacted by our licensing officer, saying that they would not be collecting as they admitted they did not have a license, the van put little treasures childrens trust stickers on it, and collected the next day. - little treasures and ELT are not licensed to house to house collect in our neighbouring town either, yet on Thursday (the day of collection here) after the charity had supposedly had words with ELT about it, they posted thousands of bags out in that town, saying they would collect on the saturday. Ask yourself Sarah, why are both ELT and the charity telling would be donators and licensing officers lies? Why, when questioned by council officials will ELT not reveal how much money they are making from collecting using a charity name? Google ELT, have a look at the number of places where they have been refused a license then gone ahead and collected from houses in that area. Try this link: Look at section 8 in the minutes of the meeting. You posted that you work for charities, I am amazed you would condone the actions of both ELT and little treasures childrens trust in this case.
02/08/10 @ 19:11
Comment from: alison [Visitor]
I totally agree with the comment from value hunter. I was out in my garage yesterday, when I saw a man leaving my garden, having just posted a "little treasures" leaflet in my letterbox. I thought the bloke looked a bit shifty at the time and having looked up this website and other info it just confirms it for me.
02/09/10 @ 20:48
Comment from: Helen [Visitor]
I too have had problems with 'Little Treasures' collectors today...IF that's who they were! Except I never put their bag out today, as I didnt think they were kosha...Instead it looks like they have virtually emptied an almost full large skip, which was on my driveway, while I was out for a few minutes! I saw them this morning and they collected a bag from next door. They were in a vehicle hire van and I took the reg number,cuz they were acting suspiciously. Not only am I concerned that this is in fact THEFT off my property (and I have paid the skiphire an awful lot of money to dispose of my rubbish correctly, which was supposed to be collected tomorrow!), but also for ID fraud and possible flytipping of my general household rubbish! I have reported it to the police, Trading Standards and the Vehicle Hire people concerned....
03/09/10 @ 18:06
Comment from: Kelly Coggins [Visitor]
Kelly Coggins
Ive have had a sort through of clothes no longer needed and thought of charity. Today a van pulled up in my street so I went out to ask for a bag to find that they didnt speak english and couldnt answer when I asked what the charity was,thinking it wass a bit stranged,did a search and found this site,and no way am I putting any of it out for them to collect. Going to be very carefull from now on.
14/09/10 @ 09:53
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Thank you for your feedback. With any charity bags, etc, dropped through your door to collect unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, etc. There is a law in place that not only stops these collections, but ends the endless stream of bags being posted through your door - providing the local council licensing officer applies the law! Have a quick read through the "House to house collections Act" ( Failing this, ring up your local council and speak to their licensing officer. They will be able to tell you instantly if the collection is legal or not. If they have no license then have the licensing officer investigate. Only action of this kind will force local councils to actually uphold the law thats in place to stop this. It sounds petty, but not only will it cut the junk put through your letter box, it will also free up valuable resources to genuine charities, who are losing out to unlicensed collectors who are making hefty profits at their expense.
14/09/10 @ 13:52
Comment from: michelle [Visitor]
I enjoyed reading your blog. I have heard of these things happening in Glasgow. Were charity bags are being stolen from peoples door steps before the legitmate charity has a chance to collect them. We are filling these bags in good faith that they will benifit the said charity but they are being stolen. I think the only way to safely donate to charity is throught the shops at least then you know were the stuff is going
22/09/10 @ 15:48
Comment from: Max [Visitor]
Hi,im a Derbishire Air Ambulance door to door collection driver and can tell you that every time we come across Little Treasures they steal or try to steal our bags. I feel sorry for this guys,most of them are Lithuanians and dont speak any English. They are extremely poor paid and as they cant get any other job they try to make living by stealing charity bags. Then they take all this bags to local rug trader and sell at a rate of 600-800 pounds per tonn. Normaly its kept in local container storage unit in your area,within 20-40 miles radius till lorry from Poland or Ukraine arrives and takes it all. Cash in hand being paid and normaly charity gets very little if any percentage of it. No taxes or NI contribution being paid either. In my opinion 90 percent of so called charities operating door to door collections are dodgy or semi dodgy and they give very bad publicity for the whole idea. Well,its just my thoughts my im seek and tired of these guys.
12/10/10 @ 19:09
Comment from: Judy [Visitor]
the correct people. If you work for a reasonably large company/school, can I suggest what we did the other day (someone will need to organise though!!). At work we were notified of a date to bring at least one decent item to donate in (we managed much more than that!). The charity were on hand to receive our donations, and we all signed up to Giftaid (for that charity) at the same time and got a card with our unique number. All items sold with this number can claim for GiftAid and I will find out how much they got for my stuff. Nice feedback! The charity were delighted because they were able to sort & price in a room we gave over to them for the day. We'll probably be doing this twice a year and it's scam free!
23/10/10 @ 13:35
Comment from: Judy [Visitor]
Was there a limit to the comment length? 2/3 of my comment has gone and I'm not sure I can be bothered to write it again! Please feel free to delete my comments as they don't make sense (I tried!)
23/10/10 @ 13:40
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
No limit to comment length i dont think Judy - got the gist of it from your post, great idea. especially handy if work mates all have a clear out and bring it into work on one day, charity benefits and so do all the workers. Thanks.
24/10/10 @ 01:26
Comment from: Carole [Visitor]
Hi, I too have just had a bag delivered through my letterbox from them for collection on Monday. We live in Exeter, Devon. I definately won't be leaving anything out except the empty bag.
29/10/10 @ 14:41
Comment from: rosieb [Visitor]
I've had a bag through my door this afternoon and reported it to the local council (forest of Dean) and to the charity commission as you suggested. Don't know who else would be interested, certainly not trading standards as I reported the chernobyl collections to them several times and they never bothered to follow through! Very frustrating! Thanks for flagging this
01/11/10 @ 17:34
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Hi Rosie, just posting the bag is against the law, as is collecting without a license. these "collections" always seem to coincide with legitimate licensed collections as well. all people can do is continue to report it to their local council licensing officer and push via their councillor to prosecute those that are ripping genuine charities off with illegal collections. Thanks for your feedback
01/11/10 @ 19:45
Comment from: Peter [Visitor]
We got a bag through the door today in London E8. The behaviour of these companies is disgraceful. Thank you for pursuing this issue on behalf of all of us.
04/11/10 @ 12:32
Comment from: Susy [Visitor]
I've just received this (below) from our local Licensing Authority, (King's Lynn, Norfolk), in reply to an email querying the frequent collections made locally by this 'charity'.
"Further to your enquiry with regards to the above House to House collection I can confirm that this society does not have a House to House Collection Licence issued by this Authority. I have on several occasions written to the society to advise them collection within our borough is illegal and shall be investigating further as to what steps can now be taken, Many thanks " In the mean time, I shall continue to use their bags as bin liners. :o)
09/11/10 @ 10:58
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Hi Susy, The same response from my local council, who even had the oppotunity to catch them collecting red handed when the police stopped their van (confirmed as their van by little treasures childrens trust staff) the licensing officer went off in the opposite direction and did NOTHING! It is down to money I was told by the officer, is it really worth persuing a case against them.. well I would answer yes, as they are operating illegally and taking resources away from real charities who depend on their collections to keep going. Which leads me to ask: * why are the police not acting? * why are local councils not acting? * what do we pay them for? To serve us?
09/11/10 @ 14:35
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Here is the Charities commission complaint form link for anyone that wants it:
09/11/10 @ 15:03

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