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Frugal food shopping - local market greengrocers

How can you afford not to shop local for your fruit and vegetables? more »

Trading standards are doing nothing about supermarkets!

Trading standards failing to keep supermarkets in check! more »

Retailers get your clothing and shoe sizes in order!

Retailers get your clothing and shoe sizes in order!
Is there any point to having clothing sizes?
The whole purpose of having a scale for clothing and shoes is to make things easier for shops/stores and customers to select goods to purchase. When I buy a 16 inch collared shirt, wether it be from Burtons or Asda, the collar should be 16 inches. If I… more »

The road to being frugal - Shopping

Being frugal, thrifty, etc, is a process of working out what is right for you, getting there is not a new found wonder or a be all and end all way of life. It's about doing what is right for you and your family. It has many twists and turns. I'll be… more »

Matalan (Accrington branch) - Mystery shopper

I have never quite understood why Matalan requires membership cards? To obtain favourable prices for goods? - Not judging by the prices on offer there. Other than this, I cannot see any benefit for the customer. The benefit is for the company, who (as… more »