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Comment from: Ashley Woods [Visitor]  
Ashley Woods
Hi I've experienced the same myself. It's a shame that more people aren't aware that they can reduce their stress by knowing a few facts. 1. Inform creditor in writing that you will continue to communicate only in writing. You may wish to state that "You understand that any written communications may be usable in court, but are concerned that phone calls may be misinterpreted". 2. Contact them regularly. Even if your situation hasn't improved, write to them at least once a month. If things proceed to court, this will stand you in good stead. 3. Don't Lie. Keep all statements in writing truthful and as accurate as possible. Do, however avoid words like "maybe, try etc." One of my clients held of creditors for 12 months by letter. He was building a new income, and TRUTHFULLY advised his creditors that creating his new income would take several months,and that he was restricted to minimum 'token' payments in the meantime. He made no false promises, or offers of payments he knew he couldn't afford. t took 2 years, but he did turn around his fortunes slowly, and saved his creditors money plus himself a lot of grief. Recommend calling CCCS they are very helpful and confidential - and FREE. Keep :-)
07/04/11 @ 14:35
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Have to disagree with number two Ashley. I would only contact the company in writing to advise them of how much my minimal monthly payment will be. More important, is to stick to those minimal payments every month. Even if it's only £1 per month, it is still legal tender and a regular payment record is essential, should the debt be brought before a magistrate. Payments should be the same for ALL creditors, regardless of level of debt. This of course refers to unsecured debts - which are classed as low priority over your weekly/monthly bills.
07/04/11 @ 16:28

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