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Comment from: cutie333 [Visitor]  
hey! this is so interesting cos i just sent a mms to my friend in LA, and im also on o2. please could you let me know, when your friend viewed it on the website, could they see the txt you wrote in the msg too? so it basically appears as it would on their phone, but on the computer screen? thanks in advance!
19/06/10 @ 00:26
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Exactly that, it could be seen from the computer ok text and pic, the phone just said visit the website and gave a link. of course, it drives more website traffic for the mobile phone company (more opportunity to sell something) but the biggest fake is they entice people into contracts lasting upto 2 years, stating that they offer international roaming.
19/06/10 @ 10:57

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