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Dad diary - Money, Hobson's choice!

Money - do we ever have a choice? more »

Trading standards are doing nothing about supermarkets!

Trading standards failing to keep supermarkets in check! more »

Stop debt collection phone calls and visits!

How to stop debt collection phone calls and doorstep visits more »

Using a credit card to pay the mortgage

A credit card is an unsecured debt. These are being used more and more to meet monthly payments on people's mortgages. The idea being, is that people will not fall behind with their mortgage, if they cannot keep up the payments on their credit card,… more »

Companies I wish never existed - Direct line car insurance

Direct line car insurance - not just direct line, but all insurance companies. (I have chosen direct line as they do our car insurance) Why is it that what ever I do always ends up costing me more money? I changed our vehicle today, went through all the… more »