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Greedy people destroy trust in others

As posted back in February 2011, see link above, I have been investigating why a scratch on a 10 year old car bumper, no bigger than my thumbnail, first cost an estimated £152 to repair, then finally cost £554 when the bill for the work was received… more »

Car insurance firms passing on details of people involved in crashes to claims companies

Once again, another report/study into the money lavished industry of car insurance has revealed that customers are being exploited and lied to, by the companies that are supposedly there to protect them! A report from the Transport Select Committee… more »

Car insurance - Customers are being ripped off!

Without exception, I know of no one that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, who thinks all is well with the world of car insurance! The reason why was brought home to me only this week. Back in October, I was driving towards my school, where I was… more »

Van insurance cover warning!

An urgent warning for all people insured to drive a van - check your insurance covers you to drive any other vehicle! A friend of frugal ways came unstuck, when they discovered the fully comprehensive van insurance they had, did not cover them for… more »

Car insurance costs record rise say the AA

Car insurance premiums have risen by a new record amount say the AA. Really? Thanks for stating the bleeding obvious! The reason the AA say, is because of another surge in injury claims - utter rubbish! My insurance more than doubled with direct line,… more »