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Blackpool pleasure beach rip off

Sprog2 (under two years old), mum and dad, thought we would have a look at Blackpool pleasure beach this afternoon. We looked at it, from outside, that was it. It was mid afternoon, we were greeted by a Blackpool pleasure beach "ambassador" - a 16 year… more »

Van insurance cover warning!

An urgent warning for all people insured to drive a van - check your insurance covers you to drive any other vehicle! A friend of frugal ways came unstuck, when they discovered the fully comprehensive van insurance they had, did not cover them for… more »

British gas prepayment meter statement lies

I have just received my yearly pre payment meter statement from British gas. Littered with lies and misrepresentations, it does its level best to deceive and manipulate the customer into believing that all is well with their gas payments. "We've tried… more »

Frugal choices - Goodbye gas, hello coal!

Frugal choices - Goodbye gas, hello coal!
"Efficient" is using a coal fire instead of British Gas
One thing I have learned in recent years, is that a person can only be frugal in any way, when they introduce CHOICE. Choice has become the enemy of business in recent years, once the individual has a choice, then they can see right through what the… more »

Direct line double the cost of my car insurance

Direct line have more than DOUBLED the price of my car insurance. Not one single advisor, underwriter or administration staff can give me a valid reason for doing it. Was £29 per month, it will now be increased to £60 per calendar month - for the… more »