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Comment from: JJ [Visitor]  
I've just been looking at the latest offers - and errors - on Morrison's website. Is it too much to ask that they display the price per kg at both the normal and offer price? As a callow yoof, back in the 70s, a Tesco's manager almost patted me on the head, dismissively, for suggesting that prices per kg should be stated (I must've been way ahead of the times!) and querying why some small pack sizes cost more (in actual pence) than larger ones. Anyway, the current Morrison's cockups include: Princes Tuna Chunks 4 x 160g Brine/Water/Sunflower Oil @ £3.49 half price. They state this is 77.9p per 100g, but it should be 109.2p per 100g at full price, or 54.5p per 100g at half price. Ye Olde Oak Premium Hot Dogs 400g @ 64p half price. Stated as £3.48 per kg, but should be £3.23 per kg at full price, or £1.60 per kg at half price. Morrisons Chopped Tomatoes 400g with Chilli/Herbs/Garlic/Chunky @ 49p each or 3 for £1. Stated as £2.05 per kg, but should be £1.23 per kg at full price or 83p per kg at the offer price. Trading Standards now seem to offload this sort of thing onto Citizens' Advice, and supermarkets prefer having docile sheep to eat their horsemeat so, rather, than have these examples buried as a result of a direct complaint, here I present them for all to see, and mock, and forever be on your guard. Calculator in hand, I shall dodder around, sceptically checking the prices, and removing shelf price tags for non-existent offers. I might even wear a "No Workfare" badge...
16/04/13 @ 16:08

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