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The premise of car insurance dates back to the marine act, & was ammended for trades carriers in the 1920's for claims being made against these trades people driving company vehicles.this was not fully functional due to public not insuring,whilst companies did.most vehicles insured were horse drawn bus.the rta act came,minimum t/pty mandatory cover( technically you do not need insurance as the provision is there for any t/pty claim to be handled by mib).i would need a large email to fully explain, but insurance will only cover t/pty indemnity when a contract of insurance in your name is on the vehicle,to allow another user to use under the extension of cover to drive other vehicles on there policy, & that is the specific part. Any claim against you would be covered from a t/pty under tort, but not your vehicle. Email me for a full explanation! On my ipad here with one finger!
26/05/16 @ 01:01

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