Comment from: hayley [Visitor]  
how do i report someone for stealing a charity bag i put one out today and saw the person take it i got there number plate but can not find where to report them to?
04/03/11 @ 13:45
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
I would report it directly to the police Hayley. Often, unlicensed charity bag collections are timed to take place on the same collection days as legitimate, licensed collections. Conveniently, the bags of the licensed collection are taken at the same time, increasing the size of the collection for them. A quick call to your local council will also help, ask for their "licensing officer" (every council has one) ask if those that picked up the bag have a license. Did you manage to get the name of the company or charity whos van it was who picked up the bag? Some charities have private companies collecting on their behalf, if this is the case here, then report it also to the charity whos name they are using. Post back, let us know how you get on. This IS a criminal offence, your local police should raise a crime number and investigate it. Good luck.
04/03/11 @ 22:45

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