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World consumer rights day - a total failure

World consumer rights day. What rights? What a joke! #ripoffbritain #TradingStandards more »

Rip off Britain - Asda misleading on sale price - Hampton principles

How asda mislead on price and avoid repaying customers because of the hampton principles of regulation, the cause of "Rip off Britain" more »

The road to "Rip off britain" - The Hampton principles

The road to "Rip off Britain" - The Hampton report and "Risk based" regulation and enforcement... more »

Trading standards are doing nothing about supermarkets!

Trading standards failing to keep supermarkets in check! more »

Ban business use of "Up to" and "From"

Ban business use of "Up to" and "From"
Can a "Sale" be trusted anymore?
In the history of retail and marketing, never has two simple phrases done so much damage to the consumer. The two phrases/words are: "Up to" and "From" TheƂ removal of these, would do more to help the consumer overnight, than any amount of the spurious… more »