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Comment from: daniel poasisky [Visitor]
daniel poasisky
eon is cheater,dont trust eon.they make you tolk and they send invoice said you have register with us,BUT we dint, they are lie
07/10/10 @ 18:02
Comment from: daniel [Visitor]
dont answer your phone when eon phone you dont realise they make you member than send you inwoice, they are cheat er lie,
07/10/10 @ 18:05
Comment from: John [Visitor]  
Its now easter sunday and my dad has an eon key meter. They arent open to get the problem sorted. It keeps coming up with error d2 whatever that means. He hasnt got alot of credit left and eon hasnt got an emergency number to get in touch with them to sort a new key out
08/04/12 @ 16:06
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
John, Eon's prepayment team number: 0845 303 3040 They should sort out a new key, but sounds like a meter fault? Sorry I can't be more help
09/04/12 @ 13:05
Comment from: kelly [Visitor]
My meter has to be less than 50p befote I can use emergency
23/07/13 @ 17:00

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