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Eon misleading customers on "6% price cut" claims

Eon misleading customers over "6% electricity price cut" #ripoffbritain more »

The energy saving fight back has started...

The energy saving fight back has started...
Saving on energy bills with a multi fuel burner
For the draining of household finances, there is no bigger burden [that I am aware of] than that of the energy companies. The examples of mis-selling, mis representation and often blatant untruths are out there for all to see. Is there any other… more »

Eon are taking customer's credit

Eon staff really haven't got a clue what they are talking about. I have yet to speak to an Eon advisor or manager, that knows how Eon's own system works and how pre payment meters work. Got my "statement" today, it was wrong again (As it has been… more »

Customer pay outs when companies fail to turn up!

A typical scenario, I believe, is happening everyday in the UK: Customer has a fault with equipment and/or a service Customer rings company to report it and have it repaired Company promise an engineer will be sent out to correct the fault Customer sits… more »

Eon key meter failings - Eon staff must do better!

Eon fitted us a smart key meter - after paying for credit to go on the meter, the emergency £5 credit was showing at nil and unavailable, Eon staff insisted that it was my fault and that I had used the "emergency" before my own credit ran out! Here isÂ… more »