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The road to being frugal - day trips out

To business, you are a cash cow to big profits whenever you decide to venture on a day trip out. Your guard to being thrifty and protecting your hard earned money, naturally drops, when it should be at its most alert! The ice cream van in the park on a… more »

Greedy people destroy trust in others

As posted back in February 2011, see link above, I have been investigating why a scratch on a 10 year old car bumper, no bigger than my thumbnail, first cost an estimated £152 to repair, then finally cost £554 when the bill for the work was received… more »

The Financial Ombudsman Service is a failure!

I have currently one case awaiting an ombudsman to pick up and rule upon. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) have had this for well over a year now. My last communication with them was by telephone, since October 2010 (It's now March 2011), it has… more »

British gas' formula used to calculate gas bills

After many requests for the formula used by British gas, to work out the amount of money they charge me for gas, I have finally managed to get hold of a copy of what British gas staff are using to calculate and check billing amounts and the figures… more »

Car insurance firms passing on details of people involved in crashes to claims companies

Once again, another report/study into the money lavished industry of car insurance has revealed that customers are being exploited and lied to, by the companies that are supposedly there to protect them! A report from the Transport Select Committee… more »