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The road to being frugal - day trips out

To business, you are a cash cow to big profits whenever you decide to venture on a day trip out. Your guard to being thrifty and protecting your hard earned money, naturally drops, when it should be at its most alert! The ice cream van in the park on a… more »

Car repairs - try your local college!

The days of car body repairs being done at home, by the car owner are sadly long gone. We live in an age where everything car related has to be covered by an insurance premium and backed up by a no claims protection premium. As most garages charge the… more »

The road to being frugal - Shopping

Being frugal, thrifty, etc, is a process of working out what is right for you, getting there is not a new found wonder or a be all and end all way of life. It's about doing what is right for you and your family. It has many twists and turns. I'll be… more »

Stay frugal this Christmas eve

The clock has struck 12 here, tis now Christmas eve! We are all in the "marketing" zone, whereby fears and worries about forgetting a gift, food shopping, etc, are at a height never seen at any other timeƂ in the entire calendar year. No matter how… more »

Save the tradition of bonfire night!

Save the tradition of bonfire night!
Traditional English bonfire night in 1957
Traditions are passed on to children around the world by their families, but here in the UK traditions are being watered down and allowed to disappear. It is not very thrifty, to pay out for the ever increasing costs of fireworks, but the costs of… more »