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Frugal blog: Surprise bill

A surprise bill leads to more work in todays' world... more »

Frugal food shopping - local market greengrocers

How can you afford not to shop local for your fruit and vegetables? more »

The road to being frugal - day trips out

To business, you are a cash cow to big profits whenever you decide to venture on a day trip out. Your guard to being thrifty and protecting your hard earned money, naturally drops, when it should be at its most alert! The ice cream van in the park on a… more »

The road to being frugal - Shopping

Being frugal, thrifty, etc, is a process of working out what is right for you, getting there is not a new found wonder or a be all and end all way of life. It's about doing what is right for you and your family. It has many twists and turns. I'll be… more »

Hanging a wall cupboard on a plasterboard wall

I came across this problem last week, when I was fitting some kitchen units, which I picked up for a frugal fee of moving a sofa (cheers Sarah!) The kitchen units we had in, were made up of former council fitted units that were being ripped out and… more »