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Beware when buying flights/holidays online?

This post could apply to any business, but has come to light now as I search pathetically for flights and or holiday accomodation on the internet. My aim is simple - to find flights to San francisco and return from Las Vegas. I'll need a hire car as we… more »

Payment protection refunded

Thanks to Jo (Curlylox over at chatgames) I put in a claim for some Payment protection insurance on an old loan. Within 10 days, the Alliance and Leicester have written back, knocking the entire amount off the balance plus 8% interest on all premiums… more »

Outlook express update email scam

Beware an email scam that claims to be an update for "microsoft outlook and outlook express." At first glance all appears well, but hovering over the link provided reveals a different web address in the link to the one displayed in the email.… more »