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TV in the sale? A simple test for good value...

A quick and easy way to find good value when buying a HDTV... more »

How to tune in your freeview box

Here's a cracking little tip I picked up today, about re-tuning your freeview box when you lose channels after the digital switch over in your area. I have spent the past three weeks or so, running "update channels" or "search for new channels" on our… more »

7 days on the breadline - final episode

The final episode of 7 days on the breadline, was more reflective of what has happened in the last two episodes, rather than anything that actually happened. Mel B - had to face the wrath of a teenager so distant, it sometimes seems like they are in… more »

Product placement is damaging TV and radio

After just a few weeks of product placement being allowed in our TV shows and radio, it is already apparent that it is dictating the direction and topics, that some shows are using. Jerermy Vine (dinnertimes radio 2) is a prime example. I listen in on… more »

Darling buds of may on ITV3

One of my favourite tv shows, the darling buds of may, is being rerun on ITV3, from today at 6.50pm. As escapes from reality tv goes, this is one that gets my vote... why doesn't David Jason return to more comedy roles? If you miss it, then you can… more »