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Santander fabricating complaints and false recording calls

Santander making false representations for complaints that may be forwarded to the financial ombudsman... more »

Santander error is my own fault?

Why should it be down to the customer to fix a Santander internet banking error? more »

Are bank charges fraudulent?

I believe that some bank charges are in breach of the fraud act 2006. A real example: You have £100 left in your account. You make an authorised card payment for £60 (leaving a £40 balance on your account) A direct debit, of £50 is due out of your… more »

How long to clear a cheque?

If you are a customer of Santander/Abbey, you will know that paying a cheque into your bank account and having your funds cleared, is like pulling teeth! Three working days is the standard time for a cheque to clear, it is instant in bank accounts with… more »

Lord Phillips - OFT v banks - to announce decision

Just had an email from the penalty charges team over at penaltycharges.co.uk informing me that a ruling could be due to be announced on the case of the OFT versus the banks, as regards the OFT having the power to take action against bank charges.… more »