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Comment from: kath Gallagher [Visitor]
kath Gallagher
This company called me up and did the same to me. I have instructed my bank not to honour any more payment request to them and have tried to get my money back still waiting for refund
15/08/12 @ 23:45
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Hi Kath, Go back to your bank and ask that they refund you, my neighbour did this and they have sent her forms out, to claim the amount back. They said that they are investigating and will refund to her account. Hope this helps
16/08/12 @ 03:46
Comment from: Blyth Johnson [Visitor]
Blyth Johnson
I was confused and accepted SSC's proposal in April 2012 but realising my system was already covered I cancelled within 14 days. Had some e mail communications but still waiting for £80 refund and now realise that the telephone number of the company is discontinued. Worrying!
21/08/12 @ 14:18
Comment from: Ian P. Cheek [Visitor]
Ian P. Cheek
ame thing happened to me and I have been trying to get my £175.00 returned but without success. The telephone number has been discontinued and letters and emails remain unanswered. Avoid them like the plague!!
19/09/12 @ 10:18
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Did you unwittingly pay using a credit or debit card with the visa badge on it? If so, you can claim a chargeback from visa via your bank/card provider... don't bother with customer services though, they will try to fob you off, go straight to the visa department and discuss it with them, good luck
19/09/12 @ 10:47
Comment from: Diana Whatsley [Visitor]
Diana Whatsley
They rang me and said they were doing insurance for Sky and would I like to give them my Bank details, since then I have tried to stop them and have been to the bank and told them to stop the payment but I have still had money taken. I did not realise what you have found and will go to my Bank again.
03/05/15 @ 11:28
Comment from: Diana Whatsley [Visitor]
Diana Whatsley
I have given the wrong details it is through my card so I have it from my Bank so I will do as I said in my previous note.
03/05/15 @ 11:54
Comment from: Darren [Visitor]  
This happened to my mum. They phoned and said they was part of sky. My mum paid 85 pound. 2 days later my mum phones sky as sje had problems with getting a pitcher. She said she just paid 85 pound 2 days before to sky and they said they had no record. She phones the bank to see where the money went and this is where she found out the name of the company. She is talking to the bank to the fraud department to get her money back.
17/01/17 @ 20:48

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